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All the students must maintain a sense of decorum and discipline inside the College and in its associated institutions. ‘Ragging’ is strictly prohibited. The institution will deal firmly and strictly with all instances of ragging. Students should refrain from disfiguring walls and furniture, and from other objectionable practices.
Punishable ingredients of Ragging:
  1. Abetment to ragging
  2. Criminal conspiracy to rag
  3. Unlawful assembly and rioting while ragging
  4. Public nuisance created during ragging
  5. Violation of decency and morals through ragging
  6. Injury to the body, causing hurt or grievous hurt
  7. Wrongful restraint
  8. Wrongful confinement
  9. Use of criminal force
  10. Assault as well as sexual offences or even unnatural offences
  11. Extortion
  12. Criminal trespass
  13. Offences against property
  14. Criminal Intimidation
  15. Physical or Psychological Humiliation
All our students will be asked to fill up the anti-ragging form once they join our college.