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Being an active part of the healthcare industry, we always comply with the fact that, practical learning has more importance than the textbooks. Our students are always encouraged to venture out new approaches to solve a problem, find out different ways to address an issue and think out of the box.
Our practical learning sessions give contextual knowledge to our students to tackle critical situations with ease and flexibility.


Our simulation lab has a total of 28 ‘medi-kits’ and mannequins that can be programmed to produce life-like patient symptoms and diseases that the nurses may be exposed to, in an emergency room or operation theatre.
It also includes an intensive care unit, a pediatric room and a maternity room to offer hands-on clinical experience ranging from basic health check-ups to advanced intensive care. Also, the sophisticated mannequins at the laboratory can be controlled wirelessly or by voice. Besides, the instructors can programme the mannequins to exhibit specific behavior of real-life patients and can control the way it responds to physical care and medications administered by the nursing students.
The simulation-based training helps to ensure the patient’s safety while providing an opportunity for healthcare practitioners to learn in a controlled environment. It will also enable the students to integrate cognitive learning with hands-on skills practice, without causing harm to patients. The lab will allow students to make mistakes and learn without putting any patient in danger.
In addition to this, we also have a Nutrition Lab, AV Aids Lab, Pre-Clinical Lab and a well-equipped MCH Lab with the delivery simulator for learning the mechanism of normal labor as prescribed in the INC curriculum.


The college comprises of spacious and well-ventilated classrooms and well-equipped laboratories with all essential amenities.
Our Nursing laboratory has the entire infrastructure to replicate a hospital to help students practice procedures with high fidelity simulator mannequin for learning basic and advanced nursing skills.


Our Lab is well equipped with all the needed equipment for learning. We have a tie-up with primary health center and urban health center to practice and provide care for people at home, school, and industry. We have our own rural health center in the premises and it provides treatment for minor ailments and antenatal care.